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Focus on urgent matters

Do you also worry about what is to come? And how we are supposed to manage this?

We feel the same way. We notice that more and more people are under financial pressure. We see that the heat is melting the glaciers. We hear that corruption is sickening everyone. The situation is alarming. We need to open our eyes and focus on the urgent matters. Point out what needs to happen. And fight this together with courage and confidence. We want to act for you.


On September 25th, use your vote to pull the emergency brake, so we can save what is important to you.

Klimachaos Hitze Gletscher schmelzen

I want a life. Not a climate catastrophe.

The climate crisis is causing deaths. That is a strong statement, but an honest one. Grandparents, construction workers and children who are playing outside – everyone is suffering from the heat. Mudflows are endangering entire villages. Glaciers are melting. Lakes are drying up. Many species of animals and plants have become extinct – and many more will follow. All of this cannot be undone. But it can be stopped. Get involved in saving our climate. Use your vote on September 25th.

Acting for you

  • for climate protection with no ifs & buts
  • for a full protection of our glaciers and nature
  • for bicycle lanes, public transportation and a reduction of transportation by car

Vote for saving our climate. 

Energiepreise steigen Abzocke Gas Öl

I want to turn on the heating. No rip-off.

Focus on urgent matters. Are you also wondering, how to manage, if prices continue to rise? What will happen, if Putin decides to turn off the gas supply in winter? We share your concerns and your anger. We have always warned of dependence and pushed for the energy transition. Far too little has been done. Because ÖVP and SPÖ have inhibited us.


Raise your voice for an independent energy supply and a fair financial compensation. So that everyone has enough to live on.


Acting for you

  • for investments in sun, wind, water and biomass (energy)
  • for an energy-saving bonus for every household
  • for a housing guarantee for children – no child in Tyrol should grow up in poverty

Your team - Acting for you

Gebi Mair Grüne Landtagswahl Tirol

Gebi Mair

was born in Stubai, in 1984, studied political science in Innsbruck. He loves hiking, cycling and his boyfriend. He is committed to the environment and aims for unity in our society.

Grüne Spitzenkandidatin Petra Wohlfahrtstätter Tirol

Petra Wohlfahrtstätter

was born in Innsbruck 53 years ago and grew up in Schwaz. Has been living with her partner and daughter in Trins for ten years. Is committed to affordable and healthy living standards.

Kandidatin Innsbruck Grüne Zeliha Arslan

Zeliha Arslan

was born in Germany and has been living in Tyrol with her children for 15 years now. Is in charge of the social sector as well as initiating projects for target groups that are difficult to reach.

Georg Kaltschmid Tourismus Landtagswahl Tirol

Georg Kaltschmid

grew up in Walchsee, has been running “Walchseer Hof” since 2004. As a deputy party leader, he is in charge of sustainable tourism in the federal state parliament and on the board of TVB Kaiserwinkl.

Iris Kahn Grüne Kufstein Landtagswahl

Iris Kahn

49 years old, living in Wörgl, married with two children. She is an economic educationist, municipal councilor and environmental spokesperson.

Michael Mingler Grüne Tirol Landtagswahl

Michael Mingler

was born and raised 31 years ago in Trins in Wipptal, now living in Innsbruck. As a member of the federal state parliament and legal expert, he is committed to mobility transition and affordable housing.